Stevenson Doughty

Front-End Developer/UI Design

Stevenson Doughty

Born and raised in New York. My father brought me a computer around age 12, before color screens (they were green at one point) and floppy disks was the “in” thing! At that age I was immediately at awe struck with such a “massive toy” that could do so much and learn to do more as well. “You mean I can teach this thing to do something different? How do I do that?”, “You talk to it, in it’s own language. Computers have their own language like we have english. If you learn their language then you can easily talk to them as well!”. That’s awesome! The adventure to MS-DOS Command Prompt began and the rest was history…

I am familiar with Adobe Creative Suite and other wireframing tools. I’ve worked closely with project managers, art directors, and marketing consultants in order to develop new websites and maintain existing ones. I work well in a team environment, excellent communication skills with strong time-management. Able to work under tight deadlines with shifting priorities and a strong desire to continue improving skill sets and stay current on the cutting edge of web development.

New York City




Stevenson Doughty

Freelance Front-End Developer/UI Design
Stevenson Doughty



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